About Delta Particle

We’re an amalgamation of young software aficionados who are eager to revolutionize the software industry completely. Our team is adept and accomplished in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Cognitive Computing is usually considered a multidisciplinary topic and that’s why, our team consists of Software Developers, Data Scientists and Engineers too. We believe in having an unabridged perspective of the work we do at Delta Particle.

What do we do?

Using Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence, we aim to revolutionize the software market by commercializing Cognitive Systems and revamp the entire Software Industry. We create mobile and web applications that provide Software as a Service to our clients. Our partners use our systems to augment their technology and become a part of the new age; the age of AI.


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We're always looking for

- Software Developers / Engineers

- Data Scientists / Big Data Developers

- Application Developers

- IoT Solution Architects

- Electrical and Computer Engineers

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